PP Corrugated Sheets, a floor's sole protective shield

FlorPro is a tough and flexible pp corrugated floor covering that assures durability and maintains the optimal quality of illustrious floors that might get damaged or scarred during construction.

Trusted for Strong Gripped Performance

The FloPro sheet earned the trust of various real estate consumers in giving them the uniform strength of protective floor covering with environment friendly, impact resistance, innovative & cost effective features to prevent accidents.

Anti-Slip Properties

  • Determined to keep the floor with Anti-Slip properties to provide a secure work setting
  • Improved traction, powerful grip, and 100% safety
  • Procured with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


  • Prevents wear-tear, ensuring extra strength, rigidity & hardness
  • Very durable with a shiny appearance and adhesion resistant
  • Formulated with a highly resistant coating


  • Multiple usages give value for money with good after-sales services
  • Scientifically engineered
  • Cost-effective, befitting for the lavish floors


  • Long-time usage encourages reuse and reduces waste generation
  • The recyclability & reproducibility of expired sheets make them beneficial for the environment
  • Reasonable and easy to install as well as clean

Filth, Flitch or Fall, Protection at First Call

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Filth, Flitch or Fall, Protection at First Call

Download Brochure